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I’ll talk to a bird, a horse, a grandma, a nanny, a truck driver, a homeless man, a stripe dancer, a policeman, a prisoner, a teacher, an Eskimo, a surfer, a baby, an elephant, a circus performer, a sailor, a mentally disorderred man, a butcher, a machine operator, a deaf, a man without legs, a farmer, a sales person in the mall, a firefighter, a soilder, a hairstylist, a nurse, a judge, a blind woman, a brista, a bartender…but please, please don’t talk to me if you are a robot, please don’t talk to me if you don’t have a heart. My heart does not live in the most perfect place in the world, it isn’t protected by stainless steel aerospace material. It is simple and ALIVE, it is breathing in and out. Please DON’T BREAK MY HEART.


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  1. Well, one way to generate a little traffic is to comment on the Dark Lord’s blog. And re that comment – believe me, a post revealing the illogical nature of women is nothing new there. Read the Chateau archives and weep…

    • I am NOT going to re a comment just to “generate traffic”.
      The purpose of this blog is NOT to “reveal the illogical nature of women”.
      I have read Chateau’s archive already, it made me laugh instead of weep.
      You are obviously a robot, there is no way for a human to communicate with a heartless robot, we will never be able to understand each other–for the most part robot won’t be able to understand human.

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