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You have your mohawk in the club
You said you are the coolest kid in the club
Oh and you said you are a teddy bear

Your other girlfriend told me she has STD
Oh bad teddy bear
What did you lie about this time?
To fuck or not to fuck
That is the question

Hey CraZy
You are my superman
You are my terminator
You are the man of my dreams
I could never figure you out
But you seem to have me all figured out
Or have you?

I am your Lois Lane
I am your Blair Williams
I am your Asian fantacy
I will believe all your lies
And I will love you till the end of days

You told me you really liked me when I was a bride
You told me you will introduce me to your Denish friend
You told me we will go somewhere together
Do you remember you kissed me in the ferris wheel?

I dreamed of you with a peacock mohawk
There was another girl
But I still held your hand
Oh the hand of a teddy bear
I hope you remember what you said
As much as I remember yours
I hope you remember my smell
As much as I remember yours
I hope you missed me
As much as I missed you
Poor teddy bear
I know you lost your memory
I know you have cried
Will you hold my hand
And let’s do one more dance
Till the end of time


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