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Labas labas
Eagle in the woods
You find me like a rabbit
Impractical jokers
I happen to know your ruby codes

The night is back
The happiness is back
For a moment
I thought I have found my lost love
This kitty has been wandering for too long
She missed you
She missed you

Carry me across the the woods
Carry me across the tears
You and I
Are both from a strange land
You and I
Are both crazy nuts
Oh my goodness

Pancake smile in a pancake house
How do you remember my face
Dance with me in a stolen dance
Do you like your gift wrapped in a kimono

You want something crazy
I happen to be someone crazier
Dark secrets in the night
Dreams are seamless
A secret you can not forget
A secret you can not betray

Thirty days and nights
You let the most precious soul slip away
Did you know that
I am the best girl in your kingdom
For a moment
This precious soul
Was yours


Posted April 2, 2015 by seaswan in Uncategorized

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